EP's work is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Nothwest. As a child she loved to explore the towering mountains, dense forests, ancient totem poles, and salty coastline of her native British Columbia. The forest became a spiritual experience, and the gilded icons of the cathedrals of her youth merged with pines trees, fresh air, and roaring rivers. Her unique style is recognizable in her blending of bright cartoon-like psychedelia and lush natural landscape.

In 2013 EP began an interest in acrylic paint and has been pushing it around canvas and almost anything else since. EP's expressions oscillate with vibrant colours and intricate twisting designs drawn from work with entheogens, meditation and spiritual practice, folklore, religious iconography, and the all the dynamic emotions that come with the experience of being human.

EP currently lives with her two beloved dogs in the beautiful foothills of California's Sierra Mountains.